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this is brand-new state department documents revealed that ambassador stevens was deeply worried about security threats in the weeks and days before americans were killed. here is more on breaking details >> ambassador stevens and three other americans are dead. there are a lot of questions to be answered. we saw a good deal of activity in the compound. its burned out shell. you can still smell smoke. a blood -- hand prints on the wall. place ransacked. as for those questions. one credible witness, they chanted bloodthirsty slogans before the attack. there was protest first. we are told it was multipronged
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and frankly we did not see a lot of evidence of that. we did see defenses that prove to be minimal. we are told various member groups were denying overall responsibility. one former militia leader we spoke to -- we counted as many five cameras around the compound the images could prove to be very revealing. >> gregg: we apologize. greg palkot one of the very few reporters has been able to make his way that benghazi. he is streaming live. obviously a lot of video and audio interruption. we apologize for that. we'll have much more analysis on libya a bit later on in this program. also you are going to want to check out bret baier anchors a
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special report. he investigates death and deceit in benghazi, a replay tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon and 10:00 p.m. eastern time only on the fox news channel. i'll be speaking to aaron david miller about foreign policy. that, of course, is the topic of the next and last debate. >> heather: as gregg was referencing, two down, one to go. with the third presidential debated just around the corner. president obama and governor romney staying off the campaign trail today. instead getting ready the final facesoff before voters head to the polls. monday's debate will focus on foreign policy with all the simmering hot spots. biden and ryan are out in full force stomping for votes as for the race for the white house enters the final phase.
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with poll numbers getting tight they are the critical swing state of florida, carl cameron is there streaming live from boca raton. >> reporter: as greg palkot was saying, benghazi has the world's attention. it will be a big part of the debate when the two presidential candidates. >> heather: we're having a few issues with that shot, as well. with carl cameron. again the campaigns continue 18 days until election day. we'll continue to follow it for you. >> gregg: we want to show you some brand-new poll numbers showing governor mitt romney surging in two battleground states. they have a three-point advantage where 29 electoral votes are at stake. compare that to last month. governor romney making up
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serious ground in ohio's electoral votes picking up four points. that is the shift in momentum show that president obama needs to better spell out his plan for a second term? let's bring in aaron mcpike, national political reporter for real clear politics. thanks for being with us. is the president losing ground in part because he is offering less of a concrete plan for the next four years than governor romney. president says he will add manufacturing but he doesn't define how he is going accomplish that. is that a problem for voters? >> it is. it's a problem for many democratic strategists who are taking issue with that fact. at the they would like to see him talk more about his progressed but they would like to see him give a big speech what he is going to do in the second term. they need to see what his second term agenda would be. >> gregg: president wants to tax
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the rich. he has been saying that for a very long time. that alone, erin, does not create jobs. it would cut the deficit just by a fraction shone. he wants to give more taxpayer money and solar and wind and other green energy. that is only 10% of our energy needs. you got the other 90% we're in desperate need of. by the way, that green energy program has plowed so far 14 bankruptcies. are these ideas more of a liability than an asset especially in a debate where verbally he'll be vulnerable to attacks by governor romney? >> it might be. remember in the debate, biggest tension moment at the very beginning was between governor romney and president obama about these energy initiatives that the president has put into place and whether they create jobs or not. it can be a little bit of a
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liability, but the president seems to think in certain states it is not a liability. >> gregg: president criticizes five-point economic growth plan as not being specific enough. there is something to that. romney argues, hey, look, by comparison i do have plan including a separate one to save medicare. you don't. is that why polls in places like florida and ohio. let's put up on the screen. these polls are showing romney is leading on jobs, on the economy, on cutting government spending and on managing tax dollars. >> it maybe. president was leading in these polls but in the convention he started to take off in the polls. in the last couple debates, mitt romney has had an advantage on economic issues like job
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creation and that is probably why we're seeing him cutting the lead in some of those polls. >> gregg: for the first time yesterday governor romney leads on your real clear politics electoral map. he now has 206 electoral college votes to obama's 201. these are based on poll averages. erin, when you look at it, it was only a few weeks ago that president obama had this huge lead. he was, if i recall, only ten votes shy of 270 needed for election. was it the first debate that really begin to shift the race and electoral map that we saw? >> it absolutely was. story about this actually earlier this week. we did see the state polls tighten and a lot of people think if the first debate had
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gun differently, president obama might have started to pull away. but instead we're seeing them tightening. very tight race in colorado, virginia is exactly even in our average. we still have the president up by about 2 points, almost 3 in ohio whereas mitt romney is leading in florida by two and a half points. it's very tight. it's going to come down to where i am right now, cincinnati, ohio could make or break. it come down to auto bailout but the two states you want to be watching is ohio and virginia. >> gregg: absolutely. the turnaround for romney is due mostly to an increase in support among women and independent voters. we've seen that. where you are in ohio and take a look at florida, for example, the president has lost 18 points among women in the last month. 18 points. he has lost eight points in the
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critical independent voter. why is the huge loss among women in such a short period of time? >> a lot of it, gregg, is that mitt romney's like built shot up after the first debate. obama campaign has been crushing mitt romney in character attacks in ads in many of these battleground states. voters saw for the first time a lot who mitt romney really is. he increased that likeability number. so now we are seeing president obama launch a second wave of character attacks and talk more about women's issues as he did in this past debate this past week. they want to win women by double-digits but right now it's in the single digits and that is going to be a problem for the obama campaign. mitt romney is winning men by a large margin and in order to win president obama needs to
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increase those margins again with women. >> gregg: erin mcpike, thanks very much for being with us. >> thank you. >> heather: meantime, showing neck-and-neck race in nevada. voters are not happy with the choice with president obama or not happy between the choice president obama and governor romney. they have another option. none of the above. >> reporter: when the voters go to the poll in the key battleground state, their their choices will include more than the familiar needs, last entry is none of these candidates that has survived a legal challenge by republicans and remains popular among voters. >> if there is nobody i'm interested in to do that particular job, i just as soon say none of the above. >> i don't think so. >> the public loves having the option to express that they want
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to say none of these candidates. send a message. >> nevada introduced the protest vote in 1975 in a way to combat apathy in the wake of watergate scandal. harry reid beat his challenger by 400 votes but none of these candidates got 8,000 votes. then the 1992 presidential race. >> when you have ross perot on the ballot, he did quite well. it was bigger between george bush and bill clinton. >> and it could take votes away from other candidates. the republican national committee filed suit arguing that because none is really nothing, having the option takes votes away from candidates and disenfranchises voters. >> none of the above can ever win but the popular choice could
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be a spoiler in a race where president obama has seen his lead shrink by more than half over the last two weeks. >> heather: fox news is america's election headquarters. as we head into the homestretch of the campaign, the third and final presidential debate could be a game changer. bret baier, megyn kelly and entire fox news team will have complete coverage and analysis. it begins monday night at 8:55 eastern time. >> dr. a plea to obama administration to declare fort hood shooting rampage a terror attack. they are making their case in a new videotape. government classified the attack as an act of workplace violence. that means that injured soldiers are not eligible for the purple heart and families of those killed are not receiving the
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same benefits as those killed in combat, something the video aims to change. >> i was watching i getting ready for the end of my shift h a call from dispatch that shots had been fired. >> gregg: just a few minutes from now, heather will be talking to a sergeant. he was shot six times in the fort hood rampage. >> a possible break in a case that is getting nationwide attention. investigators say that they have what could be a key piece of evidence in the search of the killer of this young girl jessica ridgeway. they need your help to bring them to justice. >> it sounds like good news. unemployment rates dropping in 41 states, but the reasons for that decline point to a grimmer jobs picture. we'll tell you why.
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on. >>. >> gregg: a day of mourning in lebanon, the nation honoring 18 people killed in a car bombing. protestors are venting their anger. >> forced evacuations in france. historic grotto is under water after a river breached its banks. police are investigating a fatal tour bus crash in arizona. the driver likely suffered a medical problem. the driver was killed. dozens of tourists were injured. >> heather: no doubt you have seen the commercials. super stores promising to beat or match their competitors prices. retail experts say it's a tactic
1:19 pm
to retain customers who window shop but make their purchases online. are you really getting the best deal? and anna is live with more details. >> reporter: experts say the new price match by target and best buy a technological sign of the times and if other brick and mortar stores don't adjust we may see more of them shut their doors. they buy it on the computer at home, it's a double-edged sword for storefront retailers, they lies a sale and pay more overhead costs. but consumers watching their wallets. a recent survey by brokerage house found that on average, target's prices were about 14% higher than amazon. best buy was 16% and walmart's prices 9% higher.
1:20 pm
>> the last year was a surprise to have customers kick tireser on the merchandise and literally use their iphone to buy it somewhere else. small store owners and larger chains, store managers are ready for this. they know they have the ability to compete and match prices. i think you are going to see very aggressive when customers come in. >> reporter: best buy says he are working in three areas, making sure products are available. paying to ship the products you when the product isn't there. spending tens of millions to make sure our sales associates give better advice and giving them an opportunity to match a price. it's effective immediately except for the week of thanksgiving through december 24th. target says they plan to roll
1:21 pm
out their plans on monday. online retailers may still have an edge, however, because they currently don't have to charge a sales tax. legislation to change that is currently being considered in congress. there are three bills that have been proposed. >> heather: so the lesson, shop around. thank you very much. >> gregg: or just don't shop. >> heather: save your money. >> pressure is mounting on the obama over the handling of the benghazi consulate attack. more members of congress are joining the calls for transparency. >> heather: and fort hood shooting was an act of workplace violence. those that survived it was really a terror attack. we'll speak to a soldier that was shot six times. >> he shot me in the arm and was shooting in another direction. then he shot me two more times. >> first round of bullets, one
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for the top of the news. president obama and governor romney are taking a break from campaigning this weekend. they are prepping for their third and final debate on monday night which will focus on foreign policy. >> gregg: libya says it has arrested the former spokesman for deposed leader moammar khadafy as they mark exactly one year since he was captured and killed by rebel forces. >> heather: doctors treating a teenager shot by the taliban, they say she remains in stable condition adding that she will need a long time to rest and recuperate before undergoing
1:27 pm
reconstructive surgery. >> obama administration facing mounting pressure for more information on the events leading up to that deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. individual members of congress now joining demands for transparency. south carolina senator lindsay graham says further investigation will reveal two things about the administration and both are disturbing. >> most incompetent people in the world or misleading us. what did the president know about the deteriorating situation months before this happened. even lieutenant woods testimony, he said benghazi it was inevitable we would get attacked almost inevitable. >> gregg: molly has more. >> molly: newly released documents show that chris stevens was clearly worried about the security situation
1:28 pm
predicting back in june that the violence in lib yeah was like to continue. the documents were made public by darrell issa. in a letter to president obama they write, quote, not only did the administration repeatedly reject requests for increased security despite escalating violence but systematically decreasing existing security. we have been told repeatedlyly that they did to effectuate a normalization in libya after the conclusion of a civil war. obama administration said there was no actionable intelligence saying an attack was imminent. they say republicans are trying to take political advantage of the attack. >> do you think it's a coincidence that two days before a national debate on foreign policy, congressman issa releases these documents? this is pure politics, pure and simple. the american people deserve better. >> also, g.o.p. senators john
1:29 pm
mccain, lindsay graham have sent a second letter to the nation's intelligence leaders asking them to clarify what they told the administration about the attack and when. senators write, quote, your lack of response is inhibiting our built to perform our duties to our citizens. chairman of the how long armed services committee he likewise hasn't gotten any answers from the pentagon. >> i'm alley troubled by the way this incident is unfolding because for all the president's talk about wanting to get information to the american people, they are not being responsive. >> republican congressman peter king chairman of the homeland committee has asked the president to release the documents related to the attack. >> gregg: molly henneberg, thank you.
1:30 pm
>> he got up, stepped in front of me. >> and then he yelled alley akbar and started shoeing. -- ala akbar, god is great twice. pulled out his weapon. fist and palm. and he started discharging his weapon inside the building. >> survivors of the fort hood shooting recounting the horror of that deadly day. they are joining with the families of those killed in this new video calling on the obama administration to declare the rampage a terror attack. the government classified it as workplace violence. that means the survivors are ineligible for the purple heart and families of those who lost their lives are not receiving the same benefits as those killed in combat.
1:31 pm
you were five feet away and he was shot six times and joins us with more insight. thank you so much for your service and thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> tell me where you were when the shooting happened and walk us through that day and tell us what happened to you? >> absolutely, ma'am. i relieved one of my soldiers so they could eat lunch. i was at the very front of the building when the shooting happened. whereas, major hassan was sitting to my right. he walked across in front of me. he said something to one of our workers. and they vacated their work station and he yelled ali akbar twice. -- alla akbar.
1:32 pm
when he pulled out his weapon it wasn't a weapon that normal service men would regularly see. by him saying that twice in a loud voice. everyone was basically shocked. when he put his weapon in his right hand fist and palm and discharged his weapon, when he was discharging the weapon it didn't sound he was firing a .45 or .38. everybody was kind of stunned and paused for a second until he started hitting his targets. at that point, i went to a petition. i was standing behind checking soldiers in. everybody disbursed. we had soldiers coming into the building and going out of the building. at which time that is when one
1:33 pm
of civilian p.a. had rushed in with his chair and he put him down. i went to there. >> heather: sergeant, you saw a colleague get hit and then you were hit yourself. where were you? >> my first wound was above my left eye. bullet went between my brain and skull and exited out my left ear. then i was hit once more in the back and side of the building trying to. >> so in all you were shot six times? >> yes. >> why do you think, it's been nearly three years since this shooting. why should it be declared a terrorist act? >> because that is exactly what it is. the supporting documents that says it's a terrorist act february 15, 2011 that was made
1:34 pm
public on the senate floor. the report went out initial will on 9th of november, 2009. they finished the report and it came out on the 15th of february. the ticking time bomb reported talked about the issues and signing that major hassan where he was displaying at walter reed further to support that when the report came out and they talk about his e-mails amwar alaki. >> by not being declared an act of trim. it affects you your benefits? >> yes, it does. >> how would your benefits change? >> first, i would be awarded, not only myself, 14 that were killed that day and the 32 that were wounded, we would all be
1:35 pm
awarded a purple heart posthumously. then i wo our benefits for those medical reergt our benefits would change which would be for the better. >> heather: we're going to ask you this question. there is a group coalition, to declare it an act of terrorism. they wrote wrote a letter in it they say, it is clear to us that if it were not what appears to have been political correctness, the americans killed in this attack and those who were wounded would not still be suffering. do you believe this was a matter of political correctness? >> i do. i do. at this point it appears that everything is working in major hassan's favor. he is not the victim. we're the victims. the initial act of how he did these shootings on defenseless
1:36 pm
unarmed soldiers. that is cowardice act and to say in the name of allah. that is not correct. >> some of the people that recounted they talked about his eyes. they looked like a shark. you are looking forward to seeing him in court. what would you have to say to him? >> well, first i would say to him, myself being north carolina born, six shots didn't put me down because the american spirited and being an american soldier would not allow me to die. so if he really wanted to perform his holy war, just meet me hand to hand and we'll see who the better man will win. also, the effect it has on our young people. every kid wants to be in uniform at one point in their life. when they see us in uniform we are portraying an image of pride
1:37 pm
what the american people are built upon, what our country was built upon is our pride. for him to have the audacity to don our uniform and secretly decide he is going to kill innocent, unarmed soldiers on u.s. soil is just preposterous. it's sad. for him to even go as far as he didn't have a beard that day. it doesn't make a difference. i am equally upset with the department of defense and with the administration it's like they are tap dancing. if you look at it, if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck. if it lays an egg it's a chicken. if you hang with champions the king of the jungle then you can go forward and defeat the enemy as well as we have.
1:38 pm
>> heather: sergeant, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. i, too, am north carolina born. thank you for joining us. i know a lot of the folks agree with you. certainly. >> gregg: we appreciate him being with us. our thoughts and prayers go out to the families to 13 people that were murder that had day. and 30 others that are still struggling to get their lives together. i would suspect that most americans would be shocked and stunned to regard this as workplace violence when radical islamist engages in an act of terror. all right. >> heather: really the key the benefits the families deserve, it was an act of war an act of terrorism. >> gregg: we'll be right back. all eyes, right here.
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>>. >> heather: with two weeks until election day, latest numbers show that the unemployment rate is down in seven key swing states. but analysts say not so fast. there are many factors that go into those numbers. is the drop really the sign of economic improvement? joining us, is this good news, bad news, mixed news? >> it's no news. what it does, it brings up a conversation we have to have. we have to discuss this all the time. one of the reasons that number fell, regardless whether it's one swing state or the other, number fell because people dropped out looking. if you want to understand where the number comes from, it's really a percentage but we're expressing a fraction of how
1:44 pm
many people are looking for work and how many people are working. we have a lot of people dropping out of the work force. there is a lot of controversy when the number came out. jack welch tweeted out, let's look into this. 600,000 people in the month of september to volunteer or work at least one hour. the surveys are done in an odd way. they take a small sampling and try to extrapolate or try to project out for the rest of the country. things are getting a tiny bit better but the reason those numbers have come down because less people are actually looking for work. >> heather: they have given up. i know with a jack welch there was some type of conspiracy to doctor the numbers up? >> he didn't call it a conspiracy. let's look into it. the number doesn't make sense. when you have 600,000 people or
1:45 pm
volunteering at a school for 15 hours and counted as working that doesn't create a lot of tax revenue. we have a stagnant economy. we have slow growth without question. we have high unemployment. we have stagflation. >> heather: my final question, 7.8% unemployment. what do we need to fix it? >> the thing you have to do the only way to cure it. one increase the deficit spending which we can't do. the only thing we have left reduce taxes across the board, run the tax base and we'll get more people working and get important tax revenue. there is nothing else we can do to get the economy going right now. >> heather: so we have 18 days left. when people are deciding for the undecided voters that are still left. when they look at the different economic plans of the two candidates, which one in your opinion will do that? >> there is no question about
1:46 pm
it. romney's plan will stimulate the economy, get more tax revenue and get more people back to work. so you knew what i was going to say, it's not political. it's just facts. there is no way to continue doing what we're doing because it is not working and don't think that volunteer workers equate to workers. >> heather: so take a closer look at the numbers. thank you so much, ed. >> foreign policy will be front and center in the final presidential debate. what does each candidate need to say? we're going to ask a man who has advised six secretaries of state. ♪
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>>. >> gregg: president obama and governor mitt romney squaring off on the third and final debate. focus is foreign policy including hot spots that span the globe. ongoing showdown iran nuclear program. aaron david miller has advised six secretaries of stated. great to see you. every day seems to bring new and damaging revelations about
1:51 pm
failures before and after the benghazi murders. does this raise legitimate and serious questions about president obama's foreign policy leadership? >> i think for foreign policy that has been, extricating america from two wars, killing osama bin laden. there is month question, what we knew the quality of the intelligence, the coordination of the message, all these things raise legitimate questions. let me set the context. the president slept through the first debate. governor romney won. president was better. so it's one on one. now you've got 90 minutes on o and six segments. foreign policy is not going to be determined in terms of deciding this election. >> gregg: unless they feel the president is really dropped the
1:52 pm
ball. to that end, i got to remind you he has vowed to bring the killer teors justice, but the key suspects in the case sat down with a reporter and the guy was easy to find. he hasn't been interviewed by authorities. here is what one of those reporters from the "new york times" wrote. i'll quote him. just days after president obama reasserted to bring those responsible to justice, more bukatella spent two hours at a crowded luxury hotel sipping a strawberry frate and scoffing at threats coming from the american and libyan government. my goodness. >> i think it does look bad. there is a drip, drip quality to this. it frankly begin several weeks and going to probably continue right up to election day. my only point is this. i do the politics and not just the substance which for me is
1:53 pm
strange turn. i believe this debate will be won or list by the guy who has better talking points, the guy who has mastered and commanded the material. >> gregg: sure. >> and the guy who can be more presidential. in an election where in fact likeability the capacity to get america out of the greatest economic dislocation since the depression and trust and confidence factors are going to decide the election. >> gregg: i hear you. policy does matter, especially failed policies which brings me to iran. now, sanctions do not appear to have changed iran's nuclear behavior. you know, the centrifuges are spinning and uranium stockpiles grow day by day. so is the president's policy toward iran not working? >> there is no question that the centrifuges are continuing to spin.
1:54 pm
they are enriching material. if there were no sanctions, iran would have already developed a deliverable nuclear weapon. no, there is no question that the iran policy of this administration is not succeeding. 2013, regardless of who becomes president is going to be determined -- there is no question about that. i guess in the end, look, the reality is, no matter who is president, what is going to drive the next administration is going to be a focus on america's broken house. i think even mitt romney is going to be his risk readiness may be changed to risk aversion if in fact he gets elected. >> gregg: has president obama committed missteps that alienated israeli and palestinian leaders and as a
1:55 pm
result slowed or halted any progress and a negotiated peace plan. i've only got 45 seconds? >> i can do it in 15. there is no question that the administration had no strategy on this. pursuing a conference and settlement freeze. he alienated the israels and palestinians and left us worse on an issue on the peace process is basically been in the coma. here in fact, there is a difference. if in fact, mitt romney becomes president. u.s.-israeli personal relationships is definitely going to improve. i don't think this is an issue which the governor has already picked up points and be able to pick up few more. >> gregg: many thanks, sir. >> pleasure, take care. >> gregg: we'll be back with more. don't go away. ncer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels
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♪ ♪ >> heather: hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. welcome to a new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, 48 hours to go before the debate that could change everything. we're going to check in on the presidential candidates to see how they are spending the weekend ahead of their final face-off before election day. >> heather: and the white house under pressure. congress dig for answers in the deadly assault in
2:00 pm
consulate in benghazi, libya. we have the latest on the investigation. >> gregg: plus, outbreak. we get more details about the number of people infected with meningitis nationwide. we will check in with victims and families and see how they're coping with so much uncertainty. >> heather: but first, days to go until the election. president obama and governor romney prepare ahead of monday's third and final debate. the running mates are hitting the key battleground states today to gain the upper hand in the red hot race that is too close to call. carl cameron is streaming live for us from boca baton, florida. campaigns are releasing new fundraising totals. what can you tell us? >> heather: romney is holding the -- >> reporter: romney is holding the last fundraiser this evening. in september, obama raised $126 million compared to $787 million for mitt romney.
2:01 pm
when it comes to the cash on hand, to put gas in campaign buses president obama has $90 million cash on hand by the end of september. romney is 63. if you add in the two parties, mr. romney and the republicans are at $171 million. obama and the democrats are $181 million. last night, romney was in daytona he was holding a rally in the middle of bike week. while paul ryan gave a nod to harley riders, mr. romney talked about how he believes mr. obama shrunk the message to small issues when the country and the world face such great challenges. watch. >> i just came in, i saw a lot of our milwaukee may harleys running around town here. [ applause ] we know how to build things in america. >> the obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign. this is a big country with
2:02 pm
great challenges. they are talking about smaller and smaller things. we have big ideas. bold ideas. strong agenda. we'll get america working again. >> romney accuses the obama-biden team trivializing things, democrats counter what the romney-ryan team is a retro policy, sending things back to the old policy of the bush administration they argue created so much of what they describe as the mess now. as a debate prep, the boston campaign headquarters for mr. romney emptied out. the senior staff here gettingory night. this foreign policy debate the last biggest audience that any of the candidates will hope for. 50 million on monday night to watch this debate. >> heather: thank you. we'll talk for the political panel. stay tuned for that. the moderator is bob schieffer.
2:03 pm
90-minute debate is at lynn university in boca raton, florida, focusing on foreign policy. it should be divided in six segments of approximately 15 minutes each. among topics that we are expecting the role in the world. our longest war, afghanistan. redlines and nuclear standoff between israel and iran. the changing middle east and the new face of terrorism. the rise of china. bret baier, megyn kelly, the fox news political team will have coverage and analysis of the big debate. it begins monday night, 8:55 eastern time on america's election headquarters. >> gregg: now to colorado and investigation of terrible crime. police releasing new clues in the search for killer of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. looking for the owner of this. this is what they say doesn't
2:04 pm
belong to the ridgeway family. the latest clue in the unsolved murder and kidnapping that gripped the country. dominic di-natale is live in los angeles. >> this is potentially an important break-through here. little evidence coming in before now. all we had is her backpack left on the sidewalk two days after she went missing. this is a miniature celtic cross, inch-and-a-half across and one inch down. markings that look to be done by hand. we'll show you that. this is at the scene. only the killer and the police know for now. the authorities think a charm that was worn by jessica's killer. >> gregg: the question is --
2:05 pm
>> there were different designs and patterns. we weren't able to find one that had a replication of these unique characteristics. or markings. >> a question here is whether the authority can really rely on the public to come forward. if they know a person who is wearing or handling something that distinct. it could give a lot away. it could help with another development we have seen in jessica's case here. link between the murder and attempted obduction of 22-year-old woman in may. it happened when she was jogging near a lake in westminster. they want to see if someone knows someone like a cross with what they found. matching the description of the suspect. brown hair around 5'6" to 5'8
2:06 pm
5'8". if police get a match it coulded three an arrest. >> gregg: dominic di-natale in los angeles. thanks. >> heather: a milestone in libya. marking a year since the death of leader muammar gaddafi. we are learning new information on the deadly terror attack in libya last month on the consulate that killed four americans. greg palkot is streaming live for us from benghazi, libya. greg? >> heather, that is right. a year since the capture and killing of gaddafi. struggling to get control of things. we have confirmed in the past. couple of hours, long time spokesman for the late dictator has been arrested to the south of trippi. he has been on the run for more than a year.
2:07 pm
the birthplace of revolution. they express concerns to me as well. >> i am happy. so happy because gaddafi is dead now. >> problems that still have the guns. collect all the guns. >> bitter. >> the attack on the consulate that left them dead sign of ongoing visibility here. the main residence burned out. smell the smoke from the fire by the mob and see signs of desperation. hand print on a wall. it was ransacked. credible eyewitness told us the mob marched the compound on the night of the attack. chanting blood thirsty slogans
2:08 pm
while approaching the compoun compound. that might be indication of why some say there was a protest before the attack. we were told it was a vicious multiprong attack. we didn't see evidence of that. we saw sign of real defense. we counted five closed circuit cameras inside and outside the compound that could provide important evidence. ambassador stevens and the staff are saying they were concerned about the growing risk of terrorism. we can confirm we have indications of that on the ground. telling us that two days before the attack. he and others went to the americans, warned them about the risks. back to you. >> heather: thank you, greg
2:09 pm
palkot. i'm amazed the access given to the consulate. thank you, greg. >> gregg: more deaths in a growing nationwide meningitis outbreak. killing 23 people, making more than 280 others sick across 16 states. potentially thousands receive tainted steroid injections. the victims face a long and difficult recovery. elizabeth prann is live with more on that. hi, i les beth. >> reporter: hi, gregg. the death toll rising hours ago. now we are starting to hear from hundreds of folks in the center of the nationwide medical scare. the outbreak is keeping tens of thousands of people on edge, as they wait to see if they get infection from the tainted steroid shot. produced from the compounding center or worse, come down with meningitis. john isn't sick yet but he got a letter with a hospital bill saying he may have been
2:10 pm
exposed. he is frustrated with the way his case has been handled. the healthcare system is more the pay, i don't care. >> reporter: experts are saying there could be up to 14,000 people who received the shot. there is consensus that there this is unchartered territory. no way to treat it pre-emptively. not only are the fun guy rare, but the anti-fun gal medication carry toxic side effects. damaging internal organs and causing hepatitis. right now, folks are asked to look out for symptoms like dizziness, headaches and fever. if you develop the lightest symptom, contact your physician immediately.
2:11 pm
back to you. >> gregg: elizabeth prann live. thank you. >> heather: a pavilion in pennsylvania comes crashing down on people during severe weather. dozens were under the structure. it happened in lancaster county when it was knocked over. at least ten suffered major injury including children. listen to the police describing the scene. >> the biggest challenge getting to the scene between flooding and the wires down. the hard part was getting everybody there, equipment there >> heather: meteorologist maria molina live with more details. >> we had rough weather across the east coast yesterday. strong cold front push through. showers, thunderstorms, heavy rain.
2:12 pm
thankfully today the storm system moved offshore. behind it, leaving beautiful weather across the northeast. new york city is 64-degrees. carolina in 70s. same for atlanta, georgia. the plains, it warm. 87 in dallas. well above average. rapid city, currently 79-degrees. more than ten degrees above what is typical for this time of the year. many of you are going to notice as we head to the next several day wales start to notice a bit of a pattern change. some of you are seeing the temperatures up to 25-degrees above average. heading to the midweek, you will enjoy the warmth. next weekend, a big drop in temperatures. we're going to see big dip in jetstream. for now, relatively quiet.
2:13 pm
a foot of snow possible across northern parts of california. a winter storm watch. >> gregg: thank you. >> gregg: few fall-out in wake of the deadly consulate attack in libya as capitol hill digs in to exactly what the white house knew and when. judge jeanine pirro has that ahead. >> heather: blasting obama ahead of the debate for petty attacks on the campaign trail. what impact is this having on the undecided voters? we have a fair and balanced debate up next. >> they have no agenda for the future or america, no agenda for the second term. where others fail, droid powers through.
2:14 pm
introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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2:17 pm
>> heather: welcome back. governor mitt romney and president obama gear up for monday's big debate, governor romney is opening a new line of attack. blasting the president for what he calls a string of, "petty attack" against his campaign. >> they have been reduced to
2:18 pm
petty attacks. and silly word games. just watch it. the obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign. this is a big country with big opportunities. and great challenges. they are talking about smaller things. >> heather: what impact is the latest war of words having on crucial undecided voters? joining me for fair and balanced debate, congressman democrat martin frost and ohio congressman bob mccuen. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> heather: so binders, billionaires, big bird and lady parts. what are we talking about? really, what are we talking about? are the issues important to the country? congressman mccuen, i'll begin with you. >> heather, when obama, reid, pelosi took over, the secretary of energy promised to take gasoline to european levels $8 to $10 a gallon.
2:19 pm
halfway there. another term and they will figure it up. women care about gasoline, mortgages under water, price of food and the fact that over the last two weeks, four u.s. embassies have had the american flag torn down, replaced by al-qaeda flags. that is what they care about. notice to the left, single dimensional. they will find out that women are more concerned about the future than single focus. >> heather: i'll follow up with you. throw out another catch phrase. lady smarts now. should i be offended as a woman when you hear the campaign talking about lady parts versus lady smarts. >> look, bob ignored your question. i'll try to be responsive to your question. there is an old expression in politics. is it politics not bean bag. it's not simple or easy.
2:20 pm
romney is whining about the fact that romney says he is a serial flip-floper. he took one position in the primary and took another today. in the primary i'll sign legislation outlawing abortion. now he is not for that. and now he wants to be for the exception of rai of rape and in. save the life of the mother. he is all over the ballpark. it's fair game to point out that he is inconsistent. romney can't address that. he just says oh, this is terrible he is attacking me. these are legitimate issues to raise. romney has legitimate issues to raise against obama. let's talk about substance. don't whine about wing on in th. >> heather: obama referring to it as romneynesia. >> good word, myself. >> heather: we're in the final days of the campaign. in the spread to finish, as congressman frost says, anything an everything on the table when it comes to what is
2:21 pm
fair game? >> heather, as you remember, in charlotte, the only thing they talk about, they brought the middle age woman in from georgetown that said catholic church has to provide mcconnell tra acceptives for her. they are out of sync with the average woman in america. you see for the first time in our political experiences with my good friend and colleague martin, that women are tied, but i will tell you this. for the first time since eisenhower, more women will vote for romney than any republican in past. >> they are greater issue than physical body parts, the single focus of the left of democratic party in the campaign. >> let me answer your question. bob didn't answer your question. i'll answer your question. the only thing off-limits are personal attacks on the members of the family of the other candidate.
2:22 pm
you should never attack the children. you should never attack the spouses of somebody running for office. everything else is fair game, this is a tough business. close race. it can go either way. it's appropriate for obama to point out that romney has been all sides of variety of issues. appropriate for romney to come after obama as hard as he wants to on the economy. let's get down and talk about the issues. let's not, as i said earlier, let's not wine about what is going on in the campaign. >> legitimate thing to say. >> we have one more debate left. up monday. focus is foreign policy. who do you expect to have more details and get away from the catch phrases. more details when it comes to foreign policy. one final word. >> i'll start on this. romney had a disastrous tour of europe in middle east, leading up to the economics.
2:23 pm
he is shallow on foreign policy. obama has been steady. he kept us out of wars. he is not committed the troops to other countries in the middle east. even though there are right wing republicans want to send troops there. >> he bombed libya -- >> he's solid on foreign policy. >> let me finish. throughout all of north africa, muslim brotherhood taken over. we give this man another four years, the success of israel and america's leadership in world will be in a state of total collapse. we haven't had ambassador killed since jimmy carter. and never had dilapidated foreign policy as this time with this president. in january, if you think that poor obama had to clean up after a president, i feel sorry when romney has to clean up after what has happened in foreign policy under this last administration. >> heather: that is the final world. thank you so much. congressman, mccune an congressman frost. thank you. >> gregg: the white house is facing new questions over the
2:24 pm
terrorist attack in libya. critics in congress want to know who knew what when? live report coming up. >> heather: definitely worthy questions there. new developments in a deadly parking garage collapse. the tragedy nowvoing the first lawsuit. >> if there was an inspection, it was inadequate. i stress the word "if." these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use...
2:25 pm
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2:28 pm
>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. governor romney and president obama taking a break from the campaign trail this weekend. they're hunkering down preparing for their third and final debate on monday night. the topic, foreign policy. >> gregg: united nations envoy to syria proposing a truce between rebels about the regime.
2:29 pm
cease-fire would come between the holiday and next week. >> heather: navy enforcing aablycade in waters -- enforcing a blockade in wate waters. they are enforcing it to stop weapons smuggling. >> gregg: the obama administration under mounting pressure over the terror attack that killed four americans in libya including u.s. ambassador. members of congress demanding answers. here is republican congressman jason chaffetz. member of the house oversight committee. i look at what the clinton and rice has said. they were foreshadowing for months that terrorism was abound and happening. they attacked the compound twice. >> gregg: molly henneberg is live with more. >> reporter: greg, republican lawmakers say they are not getting answers from
2:30 pm
the obama administration on this attack in libya. events leading up to it. they are starting to voice their frustration. congressman peter king, chairman of the house homeland security committee wrote a letter yesterday asking president obama to release the intelligence community reporting that led your administration to characterize the assault as spontaneous retook a film trailer posted on the internet. john mccain, kelly ayotte sent their second letter to the intel leaders to ask in part when the intelligence community decided it was a terrorist attack. they write, "our question should not be hard to answer." and the american people have a right to learn what our intelligence communities knew about the events of september 11, 2012. and when they knew it. buck mckeon asked the pentagon for answers says the president's team keeps bigging
2:31 pm
a bigger hole. >> to me they are trying to hush it up. hope it goes away and wait until after the election. the american people are engaged in this. everywhere i go, they talk to me about this. they're concerned. >> the democrats are saying that the republicans are using to this to score political brownie points. >> gregg: barack obama is no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush responsible for 9/11 or reagan responsible for the marines murdered in beirut, over 200 marines. the difference when those others happened the democrats rallied around the president in times of the national tragedy, americans need to be united. >> the state department says it cannot comment further until after independent board finishes its investigation on the assault of benghazi consulate. >> gregg: molly henneberg in washington.
2:32 pm
thank you. we're going a lot deeper inside the attacks in libya tomorrow. bret baier's "special report" investigates. "death & deceit in benghazi." that is tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon. 10:00 p.m. eastern time. on the fox news channel. >> heather: an investigation everyone should see. the third an final debate set for monday is all about foreign policy. you can expect the candidates to continue the battle they have been waging on the campaign trail. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler has this report. >> gregg: in the final debate, romney is expected to accuse the president not being tough enough on iran and china and not supportive enough of israel and rebels in syria. in the second debate, mr. obama squand you areed america's leadership. >> gregg: the policies began with apology tour. this strategy is unraveling before our eyes.
2:33 pm
>> mr. obama will ask mr. romney what he would do differently with iran. >> if romney is suggesting to start another war he should say so. >> he, too, left the military option on table with iran. >> war is unlikely. political advisors will remind him that at a time he is trying to repair the economy, priority one, two, three, four, and five. >> the last thing we need is strike in oil price or plunge in financial market. >> the administration says we provide nonlethal aid but that means others decide who gets the gun. >> we have the saudis giving weapons to groups affiliated with al-qaeda. that is certain to leigh a disaster. >> disaster to libya. now home to militias that the
2:34 pm
government can't disarm. they believe the administration muddled attack pulled the president down more than romney pulled himself up. >> this fiasco and coverup in benghazi is hurting the president. there is no news outlet in the country that is able to front for him to say it's well handled. >> romney criticized the president for setting a withdrawal date for the u.s. troops in afghanistan. but not indicated he would change it. we should have left troops in iraq. he criticized the trade action against china that the president said saved american jobs. a large part of the debate is likely to be round two of benghazi and the response to arab spring. and they say it's important that romney come with alternatives, not just complaints. at the state department, wendell goler, fox news.
2:35 pm
>> gregg: followup now to the deadly garage collapse in florida last week. the family of one victim, filed the first lawsuit against several construction companies. victim working as a welder. attorney's say never had a chance because the five-story garage was weaken bade crane that hit it two days before the collapse. >> this is a shameful incident. we think that because buildings don't just collapse. >> four people killed in the collapse at miami dade college. that is what lawyers they situations like that. absent negligence this wouldn't happen. people would be alive. >> heather: another situation where people would be alive. a lot of information is coming out on that.
2:36 pm
capital hill digging deeper in the attack. demanding answer about what the white house knew and when. judge jeanine pirro speaking to key committee members tonight and she speaks to us, first. >> it can happen in an instant. your dad doesn't feel right but he is not sure he should call 911. with new five-star you are sent response, one stump and he will be connected to five-star agents or 9/11. >> five star urgent response is help at the touch of a button. ♪
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2:40 pm
>> gregg: lawmakers on capitol hill investigating the terror attack in libya, demanding answers from the white house. they want to know what the white house knew and when. the murderous raid on 9/11 killing four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. judge jeanine pirro is host of "justice with judge jeanine." she will talk to member of those investigating the attack. you spent years as prosecutor. i'd love to see you in action to try to get to the bottom of this thing. there have to be e-mails.
2:41 pm
messages and documents that create a paper trail that might reveal the truth. >> i don't think there is any question. as a lawyer, you know yourself, you've got all kind of evidence. the oversight committee is saying look, we know that number one this is not a protest to a video. there was no peaceful protest that got out of control. we have documents and cables. they wanted more information. >> gregg: he was becking for protection. >> begging. >> gregg: chilling to read the personal journal. the requests made by him on his behalf. >> if we were in the positions we'd be fired now. there isn't anybody out there who isn't responsible for what they do. this administration comes out
2:42 pm
and says there was a video. shadowy kind of guy. then they arrest the poor guy. they arrest him. he's public enemy number one. bottom line is congress isn't going to take it anymore. they wrote the white house. three congressman on my show tonight. >> nothing is released until after november 7. >> you think? >> gregg: second of all, executive privilege might be asserted as it was by the department of justice by the white house in fast and furious. >> if we know anything from "fast and furious" we know they will procrastinate and fight subpoenas. move to quash them. at the end of the day, you know, no one loses their job. no one gets fired. i ridiculous. >> gregg: it could be delayed for years. >> the bottom line, you have four dead americans. whose families were lied to. the american people were lied to. >> gregg: congressman nunez from the intel committee says
2:43 pm
look, when i went to the state department and said can you at least give us a low-level staffer so we can find out what the intelligence was. the white house is on lockdown, lie down. >> gregg: some of sitcomming out. some of it is being leaked to reporters. for example, some of the evidence is senior intelligence officials were in very close contact. contact contact in 24 hours of the horrible murders. >> they were talking to them live in real time. >> state department. >> state department. in 24 hours we'll get the cable. >> gregg: conveying to the white house this was a military style attack. the white house denied for two
2:44 pm
weeks. >> my coutroom as a judge, it's called perjury when you lie. when you lie about americans who asked for help. it can shame on the administration. they'll get to the bottom of it. >> gregg: wouldn't you want to talk to the c.i.a. station chief in libya? who compiled all kind of reports saying the attacks were not spon stainous. they were executed by jihadis jihadists. >> the perception that the white house is willing to spin for political gain is shocking. hopefully congress gets to the bottom of it before the election. talking to john micah, devon nunez and langford from the intel and oversight committee. we're going to talk to a good friend of glen doherty, brandon webb who says his friend was not there as the
2:45 pm
white house is saying for protection of security of diplomats. this guy friend of the deceased saying the white house is lying. lie after lie after lie. >> gregg: thank you. catch justic "justice" right he. >> heather: heading in the final week of the presidential campaign. brand new polling numbers giving one candidate the lead. rasmussen is here to break it down for us. big pair of shoes to fill with a hefty price tag. why this man is walking around in $25,000 kicks. >> how does it >> feels like a cushion inside. >> i'm overwhelmed. up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve,
2:46 pm
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2:49 pm
>> heather: welcome back, racy sneakers for tallest man in world. 30-year-old from rochester, minnesota, stands just over 7'8" tall. for years, he struggled to buy shoes that fit. team of designers from reebok stepped in to make three pairs of custom made sneakers. the size if you're wondering
2:50 pm
same as gregg, 24. >> gregg: yeah. big foot they call me. >> heather: the cost $25,00 $25,000. but he says they are worth it. >> i never thought i'd have a pair of shoes that looks like something that comes off a shelf. to have all these things that personalize them, specifically to me that is just going above and beyond anything i hoped for. now instead of my height i hope the shoes draw attention. >> heather: he said he had numerous surgeries over the years because of the ill-fitting shoes. >> gregg: good for him. you'd have to have a small house. >> heather: big car. >> gregg: tall house. all right. with 17 days until voters head to the polls, brand new numbers for the race to white house. >> heather: daily presidential tracking poll from rasmussen reports showing that governor romney is leading 49% to president obama's 48%. that is within the poll of margin of error.
2:51 pm
bring in scott rasmussen of rasmussen author of "the people's money." thank you for joining us. what do you think of the latest poll? >> this is the first poll we released based entirely on interviews since that debate. in long island this week. it gives us a chance to look where the trends have gone. before the first debate if denver. we saw president obama up by two points. 49-47. after that. romney gained the lead by two points. 90% did not change their mind. 2% switched from grudgingly supporting obama to grudgingly supporting romney. after the second debate, president obama won back the support. basically, things have been stable, we have been saying it for months the race is close. going right to the wire. >> gregg: so much depends on the many swing states. i want to throw up polls in
2:52 pm
three of them. ohio, north carolina, virginia. talk to us about it. ohio. >> his a key swing state. we have not shown him ahead in ohio there. with r ways that romney can win without taking this but it's a stretch. >> the next is north carolina. >> north carolina is a state leaning to romney all year. the lead is growing there enough that the team is taking some of the resources from north carolina. to deploy it elsewhere. president obama barely won north carolina four years ago. >> gregg: it wasn't that long ago in virginia that is a critical swing state. that the president had a lead. now look. >> that is right. romney up by three in virginia. one story involving control of the senate.
2:53 pm
george allen is running a few points behind mitt romney in the state. so if romney wins by more maybe he pulls another senator across the finish line for the republicans. >> heather: two weeks to go. how do people feel where the u.s. is headed. >> i thought the numbers were telling. >> we polled every week on the 37% right now. say we are heading in the right direction. that is twice as high as it was a year ago. the numbers improved in the last month. the big change is among partisan. democrats feeling more enthusiastic than republicans. >> gregg: how do voters feel about the economy? >> 19% say the economy is in good shape. twice what it was before last jobs report. >> we ask people about their personal finances. things haven't changed.
2:54 pm
they rate them the way it did when obama took office. democrats now overwhelming tell us the economy is getting better. republicans tell us, it's getting worse. those who aren't aligned with either party say it's not doing well and not trending in positive direction. >> heather: scott, as is expected in any campaign, as we sere row in on the final days we hear about the negative campaigning. catch phrases like binders, billionaires and big bird. what if you ask a question like how are you doing? how is life? how do people think about that? >> two out of three. 67% say they're doing fine. they enjoy life. people think the best years in life are under 40. since i'm not in that group anymore i don't agree. people feel good and they will feel good when the campaign ads stop. >> you need 270 electoral
2:55 pm
votes, scott. not cumulative in polls but winning the states. governor romney was well behind president until recently. romney now for the first time is ahead in real clear politics electoral map. 206 to 201. does it surprise you? >> a lot of states that were the tossup were states that romney were "topped do well in. they are shifting. yesterday, we shifted missouri, north carolina. florida to a lean romney direction. >> great to see you. thank you. >> heather: that does it for us. >> gregg: see you back here tomorrow. >> heather: have a great saturday. bye-bye. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring.
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that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi® card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts. more events. more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with a citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] ,
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>> rick: hello. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> juliet: i'm juliet huddy in for arthel neville. good to see you. and be back with you. topping the news, president obama and governor romney preparing if the third and final debate. it comes as brand new poll numbers show a big change in momentum. >> rick: the deadly meningitis outbreak is expanding. we'll tell you where the doctors are diagnosing some brand new cases. >> juliet: major clue in the murder of
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